It’s safe to say Joe Budden and N.O.R.E. are the two of the most successful rappers-turned-podcasters.

Other rappers, like T.I. and Fat Joe have jumped into the podcast game.

According to Budden and N.O.R.E. a lot of these late entries just don’t have it. [Jump to 24 minutes.]

[embedded content]

“You know what’s crazy? I’m looking at these rappers trying shows now, rappers from our era and they are so failing. They doing sports shows, they doing comedy shows … They talkin’ about, ‘Yo, I’m up. I’m just doing this for fun.’ No you are not,” N.O.R.E. mocked.

“Tell the truth: it’s great to see people fail,” Budden jumped in. “You can’t take the blueprint and hire different contractors.”

N.O.R.E had some more to say about the failures.

“They go get a computer, they get two cameras, and they get a white guy, no offense to anybody here. And they just think: tell a couple of funny stories, and it’s just gonna work. Then they come out for three weeks. No they do six episodes. When the six episodes don’t work, they start to rethink it,” he said. “Then you know what happens? They come out with another show. And then that’s trash. And then they start cooking. And then that’s trash. And then they do a shopping show. They trying anything out here.”

Who do you think they are talking about here?


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