Is cancel culture still a thing? It could be said that it doesn’t have the same strength as say a couple of years ago. 

Just ask Kanye West who was briefly canceled for making anti-Semitic remarks but still scored a number one hit with his Vultures song “Carnival.”

Plus, despite all the backlash Ye received, a long list of rappers have continued to work with him.  Pusha T explained why that is.

“I believe that there’s a level of visibility that comes along with being next to somebody like Ye,” he told Complex. “At the end of the day, it’s a level of musicality and genius-level production that comes along with being next to him. So you get a lot of things that I think artists are looking for these days in being next to him. I mean, you get that. You get a lot.”

Pusha has been a longtime collaborator of Ye’s but had a falling out with him a while back.

Ye spoke about their issues in a new interview and said they recently hopped on the phone together.

Why do you think rappers aren’t afraid of being cut off by major brands for working with Ye?


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