When Fredo Bang was locked up he was able to sell some drugs in prison.

However, he didn’t go as far as some of his fellow jailhouse dealers and users when it came to his anus.

During a chat with VladTV, Fredo explained that prison drug smugglers referred to their anal region as their “Gucci bag.”

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“Your Gucci bag,” he explained. “They gon’ beat you up, they gon’ pin you down, they going off in there. They want that mojo, they want that meth and they want that back. If they gotta go in that back, that’s what they doing.”

Fredo never got his butt dug into because he didn’t use his butt.

“I ain’t even gonna lie, I ain’t never played those games. I don’t even know how to wipe back there too long, you feel me? I ain’t never played with my Gucci bag. When I was selling drugs in jail, I used to have like a little pocket. I had a migo stitch in the pocket. So when I go in there, I just pull it out the pants. If I’m getting searched it don’t really show too much. I ain’t put nothing in my Gucci bag,” Fredo insisted.


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