Jenevieve’s Debut ‘Division’ Introduces Her as a New Voice of R&B


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In an exclusive interview, the rising singer shares how she’s built her sound from the ground up and why she hopes fans are left feeling inspired by her debut album, Division.

Miami-bred singer Jenevieve is fresh off the release of her debut album, Division

In 2020, the LA-based rising artist garnered traction when she dropped her first single “Medallion,” an emo cut that prepared new listeners for the expansive sound that was set to come. A month after dropping her debut single she shared “Baby Powder,” a track that showcased the singer’s knack for crafting catchy choruses. Both tracks reveal Jenevieve’s fixation with creating music that relies on themes. She isn’t afraid to address past relationships, lost love, gun violence, and other moments of her life through her music. For that reason, her fanbase remains loyal and unwavering. 

After spending some time adjusting to a new record deal with Universal, Jenevieve unleashed Division on Friday. Executive produced by her frequent collaborator Jean Benz, the 11-track album has a retrospective feel throughout. It’s also majorly influenced by neo-soul, a genre of music Jenevieve has an affinity for. 

Her taste in music stems directly from her mother, who constantly played artists like Erykah Badu, India Arie, Joe, and Zhane in their home during Jenevieve’s younger years.

Watching their videos and seeing how cool they looked, and the catchy melodies and sound always made me feel good,” she shared in an email. “Their vibe alone was so cool to me and that inspired me as a child.”


Photo Credit: Universal Music Group

Division, her first full-length, derives from her creative partnership with Jean Benz. The two met in 2019 after she picked up her life and moved to Los Angeles. She shared that the duo started creating music for fun upon meeting and that their chemistry was instant, so much so that not even a hot summer day working in a tiny room with no AC could deter them.

“It didn’t matter [that there was no AC] because I knew I had found my perfect match. I feel so blessed to have found someone who thinks and has the same musical taste as me,” she said. 

Jenevieve also shared the two have been experiencing “emotional rollercoasters” in their separate lives over the years, and that they channel that in the music they’ve created together. A few tracks from their creative sessions ended up on the project. 

Sonically, she believes Division and her most recent releases can’t be placed into one genre or box. Instead, she hopes to continue creating a name for herself as an artist who is carving out her own sound. 

Résumé” is one strong example of her ongoing journey figuring out what type of music she’d like to create. It’s injected with pop inclinations, but R&B also inspires the track.

Sometimes in relationships you can feel like you got played when in reality it was the other way around,” she said. “’Résumé’ is flipping the script. I’m on your résumé. You worked for me. Now you don’t anymore. It’s an empowering song.”

“Nxwhere” is another track that stands out on the project. Lyrically, it explores the looming feelings of loneliness. Jenevieve shared that, at the moment, this is one of her favorites on Division. The song also explores utilizing your imagination as a means to remind yourself you’re never truly alone. 

Jenevieve is hopeful that fans leave their listening experience of Division feeling encouraged.

I hope people find joy in the music,” she said. “If it inspires or motivates someone to follow their dreams or do good, then that would be my most rewarding feeling. I just want to make music that people can connect with and make them feel good.”

Division is an impressive debut, and if Jenevieve continues staying true to herself, the sky is the limit for the singer.

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