With all of the headlines that Azealia Banks has made over the years, it might surprise some people that she’s only released one album, 2014’s Broke with Expensive Taste

But she’s currently gearing up to drop two new LPs, Fantasea II and Business & Pleasure, which she discussed with Dazed

Not only that, Banks says she’ll sound totally different on the new albums because her voice has changed.

“My voice has definitely matured a lot, and I feel really sexy when I sing now,” she explained. “When you’re younger, especially when you come from theater like I do, you’re kind of listening to yourself as you sing to make sure that you sound pretty. But I don’t care about sounding pretty, because I’ve realized that I’m f*cking gorgeous.”

Banks broke down the type of music she’s been creating as well.

“I do have some house songs, but a lot of my category is technically electronic music, and people really do gloss over how great of a traditional rapper I am,” she said. “I’ve done everything. I’m singing opera on JFK, I’m doing dembow on Salchichón, I’m doing bossa nova with that cover of Chega de Saudade, I put out a f*cking Christmas record. I just like music.”

Will you be checking out her new tunes?


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