Detroit rapper Babyface Ray said that some people believe having a regular job is corny because it isn’t something they can stunt with on social media.

“The world so crazy due to social media and what be going on,” he said while speaking to The Hip Hop Lab. “I just feel like a lot of people is out of character … I’m talking about as far as n*ggas basing they lives on social media. They feel like [if] they ain’t got something to post on social media, they feel like they ain’t got nothing going on in life for real. That sh*t weak.”

“N*ggas who got jobs feel less of a man because n*ggas is flaunting certain type of s**t on the internet,” added Ray. “And it’s like bro, you got annually and regularly money coming in … Some of these n*ggas is cappin, bro. Some of these n*ggas got $800 left to they whole entire existence and you making that weekly.”

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