There’s been a lot said about rap music not selling well this year, and that rappers are putting out subpar material.

Three 6 Mafia member Juicy J spoke about that and he said something needs to be done about it.


“I know a lot of people don’t want to hear this, but I’m being real. Rap music is down 40%,” said Juicy. “Check the charts. Check the math. I don’t make the rules. What are we as rappers, producers, composers, going to do about this sh*t? Because it’s down 40% this year. Check the charts. Do your research. This is a fact … We gotta sit down and talk. Let’s have a meeting. Let’s meet up somewhere… Let’s talk about this sh*t, how we can turn this sh*t around.”

Eventually, The Million Dollaz Worth of Game co-host Wallo responded and told Juicy that Hip Hop’s success isn’t just attached to record sales.


“I don’t agree with you. You was wrong,” said Wallo. “When you birth something, everything that you birth is a part of you … but one thing about us it’s this thing that came from the struggles that took place in the ghettos of America it’s called Hip Hop. We control cool.”

“We birthed a lot of different categories or genres,” he added. “That dress, the way we pop it, that dance, the lingo, it’s a lot of stuff. Let’s keep it playa. Don’t do that Juicy, putting that information out. How can we be down? Is you adding these numbers up? What is we talking about? How could we ever be down when we came from nothing?”

Who’s right?


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