In Cassie’s already-settled lawsuit against Diddy, she allegedly Puff and his goons once dangled a rapper over a balcony for flirting with her.

While she didn’t name the rapper, Ant Glizzy did:

“I swear for God, [there’s] a balcony in the studio,” Ant said.  “They got Wale over top his face, hanging out the balcony.  I can’t really hear with they saying.  We knew it was him because we knew what kind of shoes he wore to the studio.”

Wale has responded to that.

“The slow demise of authentic journalism … I use to pray for gullible … now I’m scared of em,” Wale typed.

We guess this means he’s denying what Ant so confidently said.

If it wasn’t Wale dangled, then who?


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