There was a lot of talk last week about Stephen A. Smith charging nearly $3,000 for his basketball camp.

The ESPN star did play ball for Winston-Salem State University back in the day but only averaged 1.5 points per game.

“No way in hell they have a dude who never played high school or could draw up a play run a so called elite program,” read one of the complaints.

So, Smith responded to the messages on social media over the weekend.

“‘How could you do this to people in terms of taking money?’ Do you have any idea who the hell you’re talking to?” he asked. “I am a graduate of an HBCU. I donate a minimum of $50,000 to $100,000 a year to my alma mater… minimum. Did you know that I am the ambassador for HBCU Week and I have been for years? $46 million dollars in scholarships.”

Can you make the connection between the price of the camp and how much Smith donates to people?


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