Benzino was not pleased that his daughter Coi Leray was half naked in a video with Busta Rhymes.

“Don’t do no video with my daughter half f*ching naked,” he told Busta over social.

Busta did not appreciate the way Zino approached the situation.

“My thing is you got my number,” Busta said during a chat with Angela Yee.  “He knows how to reach me.  You don’t need to address my about nothing on social media.  Because you got my phone number.  Number two …there’s been plenty of issues and situation that transpired that we was able to resolve civil and respectfully.  We resolved it as menface-to-face.  We wasn’t on social media, we don’t talk on the radio and we all had records outs.  Talk to the person.  That’s the grown man thing to do.”

No word yet on what Coi thinks of this, as she’s probably getting undressed somewhere.


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