Many would consider “Many Men” a classic 50 Cent track.

However, 50 called it his least favorite song on Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

“‘Many Men’ was my least favorite at that point, because musically we was in the boom-bap phase,”he explained. “We was in that hard-hitting intensity, the energy on the records, and it’s the slowest song on Get Rich or Die Tryin. And it’s now the tempo that the artists are rapping to. So the fast tempo, hard-hitting beats, that was that era, that time period. And the whole album had it.”

TMZ caught up with Six Figga Digga, who produced the track along with Resto and Eminem, and asked him about what 50 said.

Digga said he understood but disagreed with the assessment.

“In my humble opinion, that was the point. If you got a track like that, along with the other tracks that Dr. Dre did, then it’s not going to sound the same because I’m not Dr. Dre. Also, when it was done, it was a different frame of mind, a different way of thinking, so when you’re trying to blend those two things together, I can see that,” Digga said.

As for the worst song on the album … Digga threw “Blood Hound’ under the bus.

The worst song on that album, I would probably say is that ‘Blood Hound’ song. To me, that’s the song, when you listen to it sonically, that’s the one that sticks out,” he said.  “At that time, the Southern influence was still taking over. I mean, he signed Young Buck because of his influence coming from, you know, that era of Juvenile and all of that type of sound. 50 was the one that was bringing the New York sound back, but with that ‘Blood Hound’ song, I feel like that was kinda catering to that audience that was happening at the time.”

What do you think?


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