Dance, EDM, Indie, and Electro-pop artist Riotron shoots a new track featuring GOLDHOUSE titled “Silent Night.” In just one track, Riotron manages to showcase his signature style and create a memorable moment for the hearts and souls of fans. 

Riotron’s music is quite unusual as it seems to hold some therapeutic qualities few artists can claim to produce. “Silent Night” is a wonderful track that re-invents this classic in a totally unpredictable way, soothing yet energetic in the energy it creates. 

A sublime work of art, “Silent Night” follows-up to “I’m Sorry” feat. Tom Green and “Dark Highway,” two of Riotron’s biggest hits to date, streamed and viewed millions of times. 

Electronic music fans worldwide will appreciate the beauty imagined by Riotron, as he deploys his sonic vision in an entirely new light!

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