Last year Massachusetts rapper Millyz called Machine Gun Kelly “garbage” after being asked to name his favorite white MCs.

“He can’t rap, but he got a good rockstar image, but like I’m a real rapper,” said Millyz back then. “I really break down bars, syllables and words, so I look past image and flow. A lot of white rappers just came through and did that fast flow…  and said nothing, so he came in with a rockstar image and all of that, but you’re not nice, though.”

MGK never responded, but maybe he’ll do so now since Millyz seemed to diss him in a new freestyle. He also accused MGK of trying to blackball him.


“With the roof on the Lambo colored Tiffany / That goofy white rapper tried to block me out the industry / Hated on my come up I remember that sh*t vividly … Like picture me being afraid of a gimmick, a lame who is timid / No background just made up an image / Devil worshiper, the pistol make him pray for forgiveness / Illuminati puppet, I’ma do a Satanist wicked / Face of a meth user, frame of a lizard, tucked his tail switched genres to escape from the critics.”

What do you think of the freestyle, and do you believe that MGK even stands a chance against Millyz in a battle?


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