When Benny The Butcher came on the scene, he found success using a no-frills, meat-and-potatoes rap approach, spitting over boom-bap beats with soul samples.

But he’s switched things up since then and began rapping over more commercial sounding beats, a move that one of his day-one fans don’t like.

“I’m on a 7 year run. Only 3 years away from the 10 year run I promised y’all on 1 way flight,” tweeted Benny this week.

“But the last 4 years been late career Vince Carter big dog,” the fan replied. “I been rocking w you since y First Brick & Butcher on Roids & got a frame of your album in my crib. No one rocks w you more than me, but I gotta keep it a stack, you not hitting beats the same way you used to.”

Benny then said the fan just doesn’t like that he’s rhyming over other beats besides boom-bap.

“I am boom-bap at heart, but so are you,” the fan responded. “You one of the nicest of all time on Alc/Camo/Daringer beats. It’s don’t fix what isn’t broke to me.”

But the Buffalo rhymer shot back and pretty much ended the back-and-forth.

“So we got to the bottom of it,” wrote Benny. “1 of my beloved Boom bap day 1’s havin trouble adjusting to the growth of Benny The Butcher…I love u guys but numbers still goin up cuz we’re known outside those circles now champ…don’t be mad , Celebrate us.”

Do you want to hear Benny rap over other beats besides boom-bap?


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