Donald Trump commuted Kodak Black’s prison sentence before he left office, so it shouldn’t be surprising that Yak is defending the former president after he was arrested and charged with 34 felony counts of falsifying business records.

Much of the charges have to do with Trump being accused of giving hush money to porn actress Stormy Daniels, as well as former Playmate, Karen McDougal, to keep them quiet about sleeping with him.

Not surprisingly, Kodak thinks Trump is getting a raw deal in the case.


“I feel like these people on some other sh*t,” said Yak. “So they know, like, they gon’ try to get Trump out the way ’cause Trump a stand-up n*gga. He a real n*gga. He’ll let a bitch do anything … Trump a real n*gga, man, a soldier. … It ain’t even about no sh*t about how he snapped for a n*gga, it ain’t even that. ‘Cause you gotta think about it bruh, Trump’s already that n*gga. Trump already had big baggage. I swear to God, luggage.”
“But he ain’t tripping on that, he ain’t flagging,” he went on. “They gon’ fake it ’til they make it. Trump gon’ take it … They about to let Trump run this sh*t. All that eight years, four years and sh*t. By the time the new muthaf*cka get in, there’s so much sh*t they gon’ try to fix and all that type of sh*t. Let that man run his course.”

Can you make sense of Yak’s reasoning?


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