Master P and Birdman are both New Orleans bosses of a certain vintage.

According to Baby, his Cash Money crew and P’s No Limit clique were not friends and neither were the two bosses.

 “That sh*t was real. They ain’t f*ck with us, we ain’t f*ck with them,” Birdman said on Drink Champs a few years back.  “I just didn’t never mix.  And me and him’s relationship never mixed.  We just never vibed.”

However, P said much kinder things about his Baby when recently asked about their relationship.

“The one thing I love about us and our relationship,” P said of Birdman. We never did nothing to each other.  We never tried to kill each other.  We never tried to hurt each other.  And that’s what I love about him the most.  And he said ‘P,I got in the game because of you.’  And I said he always had integrity. We was always in competition, but we never tried to destroy each other.  We always rooted for each other from the sidelines.  That’s why we’re still here.”

Do you think that’s genuine or is P looking for a loan?

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