LL Cool J has never been invited to the Roc Nation brunch, despite being an extremely famous rapper and entertainer who comes from JAY-Z’s city.

LL thinks he knows why.

During a chat with Big Boy, LL Cool J addressed the rumor that he laughed at Hov’s freestyle when the two were in high school.

While LL doesn’t remember if he did or not, he believes it’s why he’s never gotten a brunch invite.

[embedded content]

“If I laughed… okay, so what? Laugh at me. How many people have you laughed at or snapped on in the lunch room? C’mon B, give ya man a pass on that nonsense,” he said. “Okay, I laughed at you, so now I can’t have no brunch?  I can’t have no finger food?”

Would Hov do LL like that?


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