Lil Meech went full monty on a recent episode of BMF during a scene in which he takes a cash-hungry stripper into a back room.

While some were saying Lil Meech is “Lil” no more, one lady on the Internet questioned whether the heat Meech was packing was his own.

“So y’all gone act like y’all don’t know that was fake?  Be fr.  It was way too high up on his stomach for one.  For two it looked fake,” Malerie Nae typed about Meech’s on-screen manhood

Meech took time out of his busy schedule of acting and graft to respond.

“Stop hating b*tch,” he shot back.

If you want to find the scene in question and decide for yourself be our guest.

We’re just waiting for 50 to weigh in.


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