Cardi B is not happy with the state of gender relations in the year 2024.

During a chat with Wallo and Gillie, Bardi explained why she is done with modern feminism.

“If you gonna be the type of bitch that you want a n*gga to take care of you and everything, you have to pick a balance … What do you do?  You can’t be complaining, ‘oh I cook and clean every day’ but you don’t work,” Cardi said.  “If you’re like, I don’t go 50/50.  It’s like, alright.  If you and your man make the same amount of money, but only your man is the one paying all the bills.  How you ever going to save it up to buy a house?  Or buy a business?  Because he’s never going to be able to afford to.  Certain things is a joint thing to do.  You gotta to work together.  But the internet really by having people f*cked up … that’s why I’m not into feminism anymore.  Y’all not be living in the real world. “

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