If there’s one thing we know about Latto, she’s not afraid to clap back when someone sends her a shot. 

Leaking the argument that she had with Nicki Minaj last year is proof of that.

Latto has now gotten into it with No Jumper host Adam22 over a video that shows her chatting with some unknown dude.

“Latto was on #Omegle and landed with someone who didn’t even know who she was. 🤣,” read a tweet from No Jumper.

The “Big Energy” rapper then replied and dissed Adam. She suggested that he was sexist as well.

“Corny,” wrote Latto. “I interrupted my friend’s conversation w this man from India, talked about how I can’t wait to visit & said let’s follow each other..tf is funny? I never expected him to know who I am..or anyone for that matter. Adam u a hoe & wouldn’t try a male rapper like this.”

Was Adam being sexist with the tweet, assuming that it was him who sent it?


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