Gillie Da Kid is a huge Eagles fan…and he makes it known every week with his social media antics. 

The Philly rapper and podcast host was at the NFC Championship this weekend where the Eagles defeated the San Francisco 49ers to advance to the Super Bowl.

After the Eagles finished business on the field, Gillie made his way down to where the players were. 

While on the sideline, he celebrated with A.J. Brown and dapped up other players, but there was  one player who didn’t seem to enjoy his presence.

In the video clip posted by Gillie, he approached Eagles center Jason Kelce and stuck out his hand to dap him up. 

Unfortunately, it didn’t go as planned, as Kelce looked back at him and ignored his request.

Gillie played it off and laughed, but on his IG post, he pleaded to the players he knows to let Kelce know who he is. 

Check it out below.


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