Kanye West Discusses Dave Chappelle & His Mental Health in ‘Drink Champs’ Part 2

Kanye West Drink Champs Part 2 Interview

Photo Credit: YouTube

For his latest interview, Kanye West expresses his thoughts on a gamut of topics. At one point he’s joined by Larry Hoover Jr.

After unleashing a slew of inflammatory comments on his last Drink Champs episode, Kanye West returns. 

The first installment garnered over 3 million views and that speaks to the audience West attracts. He covered a lot in that initial chat, he dug into his beef with Drake, his tumultuous professional relationship with Big Sean, and much more. 

For the latest interview in which he’s joined by hosts N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN, Kanye digs even further into the abyss of his mind. In fact, he covers DONDA, Dave Chappelle’s cancellation, Yeezy, attending anger management courses, the 13th Amendment, his mental health, OnlyFans, and unsurprisingly the music industry. At one point Larry Hoover Jr. makes an appearance too.

West on removing cursing from DONDA:

“The album came out two days late because I took the cursing out. Families they just don’t need all that cursing in they living room like that. We’re not only proving that we can do songs for God, we’re also showing we can do albums without cursing that’s actually competing.”

The rapper/mogul on how he feels about society as he sits alongside Larry Hoover Jr.:

“Y’all understand that you’re mentally controlled and used and you’re not loved and you’re a tick that they can just count… That is still modern-day slavery.” 

Tiny note: the modern-day slavery comment is in regards to the prison industrial complex.

You can the entire interview below.

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