Influencer Josh Ostrovsky, who used to go by Fat Jewish, says he was walked in on Diddy hooking up with male producer Felix The Housecat.

It happened years ago.  Ostrovsky was invited to a party at Diddy’s house.  High on drugs, he wandered into a room he shouldn’t have wandered into and witnessed something he wasn’t supposed to see.

“I walked in a room I shouldn’t have walked in and I saw him hooking up with a dude.  Full spooning situation.  This guy Felix The Housecat.  He’s a producer.  I then told the story on a podcast and then his people called and were like, ‘you need to say you were joking’.  Say you’re a funny guy and you made it up.  But I was like, ‘No I did not.  I saw it.’  He saw me when I came in.”

Despite threats from Puff’s team, Ostrovsky tried to tell the story on Hot 97.  However, Ebro wouldn’t air the segment because he feared violent backlash from Puff and his people.

Diddy and Felix were known to be tight.  They collaborated on the 2005 “Jack U” single and often did live shows together.

According to Ostrovsky, they did more than that behind the scenes.


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