Jay Electronica is buddies with famous Illuminati member JAY-Z.  However, he doesn’t find the secret sect impressive.

He spoke on that and other conspiratorial topics yesterday on Twitter.

Check it out.


“Ps, The Illuminati? I met em. They ain’t all that. Ask em about me,” Jay tweeted. “Ps, The Dominicans control Hollywood. Ps, The Dominicans control the banking system…Ps, The Visigoths are running a pedophile ring in Hollywood…Ps, The Albinos control the military industrial complex.”

When he says Domicans, we believe he’s talking about the ancient Catholic order, not people from the Dominican Republic, who clearly don’t control the banks or Hollywood.  Visigoths are an early Germanic people.  

Albinos … well, it would seem Jay is either trolling off of his rocker.


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