The whole story struck us odd:  Given that 6ix9ine can’t pay his security, how did he have a million for a Kodak verse?

It turns out he didn’t.

6ix9ine explains that a vape company — who were featured in the video — gave Kodak the money for a song that wasn’t even Tekashi’s song.

“Yeah, I didn’t pay him. There’s a whole company called Fum, right? There’s whole videos, pictures, bank statements. Literally, there’s videos online of this company saying ‘Listen, this is a collab song for our vapes.’ They’re holding a check, taking a picture with it; it’s everywhere. ‘Yo, 6ix9ine paid a million dollars for Kodak.’ No, it was their song, they paid the million dollars,” 6ix9ine explained. “They had an idea,” 6ix9ine continued. “Like I said, music doesn’t excite me; creating does. They wanted it to be a success. I said ‘Listen, I can make it happen.’ That’s how they wanted it, you know what I mean? They wanted noise, they want the controversy, they wanted their vapes in the video. You put the money behind it, and you get what you ask for.”

Sounds about right.

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