hayz Trippin Over You

Dynamic and promising talent, HAYZ emerges as a beacon of innovation and authenticity. Hailing from Prince George, Northern British Columbia, this rising star has captivated audiences with his latest offerings, including the single “Trippin Over You” and the impactful album ‘Nothin 2 Somethin.’ 

Trippin Over You” is a perfect representation of HAYZ’s artistic depth. In an intimate interview, he revealed the song’s roots in the complex interplay of love, lust, and their influence on his creative and professional life. This track is a journey through the contradictory emotions of intense relationships, captured through a blend of lustful chorus and verses that yearn for intimacy. It’s this push and pull that gives the song its unique essence.

The music video for “Trippin Over You” is a vivid extension of its lyrical depth. HAYZ describes the collaboration with a female dancer as a parallel expression of their mutual attraction — his through sound, hers through movement. Directed by Boota, the visuals encapsulate these emotions through evocative camera work, effectively bridging the gap between auditory and visual storytelling.

In his LP ‘Nothin 2 Somethin,’ HAYZ channels his underdog spirit and frustration into a series of hard-hitting rap tracks. The album, boasting a mix of heavy 808s, trap drums, and mainstream appeal, represents his journey from struggles to success. He candidly discusses his intention behind this record: to reach out to the part of him shaped by a turbulent past while paving the way for future versatility in his music.

As HAYZ looks to the future, he hints at a blend of mystery and anticipation in his upcoming releases. He talks about embracing new challenges and the excitement of sharing his evolving music with fans across new cities. His goal is not just transient success but a lasting impact in the industry, aspiring to be remembered among the greats.

Tracks like “Las Vegas”  and  “No Way,” featuring Qwiss, highlight his journey from trials to triumph. His ability to blend personal experiences with universal themes of resilience and authenticity, much like Canadian icons such as Drake, sets him apart in the industry. 

With his eye on continuing to evolve artistically, he is crafting a legacy. His upcoming album, expected in the early months of the next year, promises to add further depth and dimension to an already impressive career. For fans and newcomers alike, he represents the voice of a generation and the heartbeat of a changing musical landscape.

Watch the music video for “Trippin Over You” here: 

Listen to the full LP below: 

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