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Emerging pop sensation Ayri has taken the music world by storm with her latest release “Closer,” a vibrant track that captures the essence of summer and showcases her unique blend of musical influences. Born in Cyprus and now gracing the United States with her talent, she continues to build on her musical journey, captivating audiences with her sultry voice and irresistible beats. 

“Closer” is a testament to Ayri’s ability to blend various musical styles into a harmonious dance anthem, filled with passion, desire, and love. “We wanted it to be rhythmic and, at the same time, sexy,” she shares, describing the creative process behind the track with her producer Valery. The song’s lyrics reflect her own sensuality and inherent energy, creating a connection between the artist and her listeners that is both intimate and empowering. 

As Ayri sings, “If you want me baby just come & find me/ And if you need my love then I won’t deny ya,” she declares her unyielding devotion and her desire to form a lasting bond. The song’s theme of love’s authority and the drive to form true connections resonates deeply with her, who believes in the power of passion to keep the spirit alive. “It’s probably better to have passion because it keeps you alive. When you don’t have passion, it makes you feel dead,” she reflects. 

Drawing inspiration from iconic artists such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Rihanna, as well as musical traditions from Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa, Ayri has crafted a unique sound that is both global and personal. Her voice blends effortlessly with the dynamic beats, creating an irresistible summer hit that invites listeners to dance and connect. 

“Closer” is not just a standalone hit, but a part of a larger narrative that she is building with her upcoming album. With additional singles “Blurry Line” and “See You Soon” on the horizon, Ayri’s musical universe is set to expand and captivate even more listeners. “The upcoming records will perfectly fit into my music as a diverse artist,” she promises, ensuring that there is much more to come from this enchanting artist.

Listen to “Closer” here:

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