While Drake is more of a lover than a fighter, it’s known that he has friends who will do bad things, possibly at his request.

Once one of his buddies had to go to court for one of his misdeeds.  Drake wanted to support him but he didn’t want people to know he was there in the courtroom.  So he used his contacts to get made up.  Sadly the ruse failed.

“I once did like three hours of prosthetics so I could attend somebody’s court date that I cared about, ’cause they were in trouble for something,” he told Lil Yachty.  “I walked in there as this like 80-year-old man, and everyone is like, ‘Is that Drake as an 80-year-old? I had one of the best Hollywood makeup artists in the world and they were still like, ‘That’s definitely Drake in there.'”

In the same interview, Drake lamented using his ex-girlfriends’ names in his songs and discussed why Lil Wayne thought his last name was “Rogers.”


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