It’s safe to say that Danny Brown isn’t blasting New York drill music in his house or car. The Detroit spitter ripped the rap subgenre and its artists. [Go to the 48:18-mark]

“What’s up with New York Drill music?” he asked on a recent episode of The Danny Brown Show. “All these n*ggas rap like Batman Beyond. What the f*ck is wrong with y’all n*ggas, man? That sh*t ain’t fire … N*gga, you’re 16. Your balls ain’t even dropped yet. You ain’t even got a deep voice yet. These n*ggas rapping like villains.”

“I just wanted to say that man,” Brown added. “Y’all New York drill n*ggas rapping like Batman Begins. That sh*t is over with. Pop Smoke, that was his natural voice, but n*gga, you’re 16… N*gga, if you don’t shut the f*ck up… Shout out to real New York rappers like MIKE.”

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