On January 7, five Memphis cops beat 29-year-old Tyre Nichols to death after a traffic stop.

The officers, who were all Black, have been charged with murder and kidnapping.

There have been some unverified whispers that the “Scorpion” unit the accused officers belong to is affiliated with a street gang, possibly the Vice Lords.

Memphis OG Crunchy Black added fuel to that rumor during an interview with Vlad TV when he suggested the officers who killed Nichols were also involved in the death of Memphis rapper Young Dolph.

[embedded content]

“I think that that Dolph sh*t got a lot of sh*t off the change right now, and it was some police officers that had something to do with that.  You got what I’m saying They played a big part, and now that the tables or the building is crumbling, maybe them boys was some of the boys that dealt with that Dolph situation. Now it’s like they probably going through some things because they know their ass going to jail, too. Their ass most definitely going to jail for this Dolph stuff … For them to go that far.  Cause they went too damn … You know that they had something to do with this Dolph situation and also you know that they was going through something mentally.”

Do you think there is anything to what Crunchy is saying?


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