Cassidy says he will battle any one…even Eminem.

The rapper recently sat down with the African Cultural Art Forum and discussed his place in battle rap, as well as Philly culture.

When it came to “who is the best batle raper,” Cass was quick to mention Eminem, claiming he’s a fan, but would battle him for the battle rap crown.

“It’s nobody else in battle rap bigger than me or did more things than me. If somebody wanted to try to claim the title, like Eminem, somebody would have to come back and get in the lane and try to claim that they are the biggest battle rapper. Because as of this point right now, it’s me.

I’m a fan of Eminem man. I want to work with him. Trade some information with bull. Do some music with him, so I ain’t really trying to battle him, but I’ll battle anybody. I’ve battled myself before so I’ll battle anybody.”

Do you think Cassidy could take Eminem in a battle? 

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