Fast-emerging Hip Hop artist, Duce Doit, is making waves in Chicago’s music scene with his signature sound that exudes confidence and authenticity. The young rapper and songwriter recently released a trap track called “Tweak,”  which pays tribute to Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall single “Rock With You.” 

Duce Doit, pronounced as duce (doo chey), meaning “leader,” lives up to his name and showcases remarkable versatility by integrating old school and new school sounds. “Tweak” is accompanied by a music video shot by Ryder Visuals, which features the rapper and his buddies from the hood, emanating real street swagger that projects onto the listeners. 

The inspiration for “Tweak” came from a beat sent to Duce by his cousin Boss Check. Initially unsure what to do with the beat, his cousin’s response was “Just Tweak with em,” which sparked the creative process for the song. 

Duce Doit’s music is uplifting and energetic, and he injects a sense of confidence in his listeners. He urges them to push their boundaries and stay motivated, stating that it is crucial to feed focus and starve distractions. 

Thanks to his focused persistence and determination, Duce Doit is quickly becoming one of the most promising up-and-comers in the scene. His music is a reflection of his authentic self, and his message resonates with many who are inspired by his genuine vibe. 

In a genre where credibility and originality are highly valued, Duce Doit stands out for his unique sound and style. His music showcases his talent and his ability to adapt to different sounds, which is essential for a successful career in the music industry. 

With more releases like “Tweak” and his previous tracks “Sleepwalkin” and “Six9,” it is clear that Duce Doit has a bright future ahead of him.

Watch the official music video for “Tweak” here:

Listen to the “Tweak” on Spotify:

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