Cam’ron spoke about Juelz Santana having plenty of promise as a rapper but never capitalizing on it. 

“Real talk, he had it,” said Cam on Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast. “And he had it at a young age. He could’ve been the leader of everything that’s going on outside right now. He could’ve been all these young n*ggas’ father, uncle, whatever you wanna call it. The chicks liked him, he could rap, he was fly. He had every element you needed to be that n*gga.”

“To me, Juelz, I wouldn’t say [had] poor work ethic, but I’m just not sure why,” he added. “Juelz is sitting there with 300 songs in his hard drive, and won’t put it out.”

Cam, who’s in The Diplomats with Juelz and once signed him, also said Juelz should’ve been way more productive after working so hard to get out of his deal with him.

“If you think about it, he wanted to get out his deal with me,” explained Cam, who in that same interview said DMX is a better rapper than Tupac Shakur. “He’s like, ‘I’m not putting out no music until I get out the deal with Cam and then I’m gonna put my album out.’ And he’s been out the deal since 2008. He’s put out little mixtapes here and there, but he hasn’t put out a real project.”

To add, Cam said some of Juelz’s biggest songs, like “Santana’s Town,” only happened because he forced him to record them.


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