Blockstar was one of the people accused of killing Pop Smoke.

He plead guilty.  But since he’s a juvenile, he’s already out.

He used his freedom to speak to Adam22 about the night of the murder.

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Off the bat, he cleared up the rumor that he was sent to kill Pop by his opps.

“It was a robbery.  Nobody sent us anything like that.  That’s all false information,” he explained.  “I didn’t know him at all.”

He also pushed back on talk that Pop was backdoored.

“Nobody backdoored nobody.  Let’s clear that up.  100 percent for sure.”

Blockstar also claimed they didn’t come in wanting to kill anyone.  

“Nobody was intended to get hurt,” he said. “We was just kids being kids from the hood.  It was just too much movement.  Too much sh*t going on.  It wasn’t intentional.  I didn’t even know they was going to be home.”

As for the rumors he was the triggerman … that he wouldn’t say.


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