Yesterday, Rick Ross mocked the folks who attacked him in Vancouver for disrespecting Drake.

I’m thinking about the event that happened over there,” Ross began. “When the first dude stepped up to Rozay, the lil’ short fat one that looked like Bam Bam Bigelow from wrestling. When he stepped up, I squatted down and his eyes had told him what I said. ‘Basically, boy, if I hit you, I’ma see everything you ate for the last two days.’ His balls dropped out of his ass. He never said another word. He did never did nothing. He was a straight busta.”

The word is Ross’s assailants, who badly beat his security and sent Ross scampering were Hells Angels.

Now a Canadian is warning Ross about how he talks about the biker gang.

“These were not OVO goons, I’m telling you.  These guys are HA.  Prospect HA.  If you f*ck around in Vancouver, you are going to find out.  You will get knuckled.  And these boys don’t go around brandishing these things [guns].  If you see [a gun] this is one of the last things you are going to see in your life.  That’s how we roll in Vancouver, that’s how we roll in the lower mainland.  It’s gangland here, boy.  We don’t brandish [guns] like flashy goofs down in the states.  You see that sh*t, you’re down.  They don’t give a sh*t if are fatass Rick Ross or nothing.”

Should he be worried?


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