Baby Blue of Pretty Ricky had himself a good time in prison.

He recently posted photos of him and his cellblock buddies getting wild with Don Julio.


And when he wasn’t partying with the boys he was having sex with the female C.O.s.

I had a lot of bad bitch C.O.’s in jail dog,” Baby Blue told the We In Miami podcast. “Listen man, it goes down in prison man. It goes down. That’s all imma say. It goes down. So I’m doing the piss test for the probation officer. I’m in the bathroom, you know you gotta piss in the cup. As soon as I whip my dick out, the probation officer was like, ‘Pretty Ricky Ricky Ricky.’ I was like what the f*k! I couldn’t believe that sh*t. That’s some crazy sh*t. And then started talking to me about the music and I’m tryna’ piss in the cup.”

Baby Blue got a 20-month sentence in 2021 after pleading guilty to charges of wire fraud, bank fraud, and conspiracy to commit wire fraud for his involvement in a PPP loan scam for more than $24 million.

He got out early in February. But it sounds like he would have been happy to stay in.


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