Jade Latrice, the up-and-coming R&B and Hip Hop artist from Chicago continues to grow a solid fanbase with her music. Her latest release, “The More,” has garnered hundreds of views on YouTube and is quickly becoming one of her most loved songs. The single delves into the emotional challenges, fears, and uncertainties that emerge when someone confronts life changes and embarks on new journeys.

According to Latrice, pivotal moments in life can tear people apart and lead individuals toward different paths, such as following their dreams or seeking higher education. Although it can be a bittersweet experience, personal growth often requires leaving loved ones behind. “The More” emphasizes the significance of valuing relationships and preventing them from fading away while continuing to pursue one’s personal goals.

Latrice’s music video for “The More” is created by Makeba Riddick-Woods of Young Dreamers Agency and Cheo Green of Vector Management. Its positive tone reinforces the song’s message and leaves a lasting impact on the audience, restating the importance of cherishing friends and family, while focusing on individual goals and aspirations.

“The More” reflects Jade Latrice’s artistic growth and vulnerability, with her music aiming to inspire listeners to overcome obstacles and challenges they encounter and keep moving forward. Right now, she is busy preparing for her upcoming EP, which is set to prove her continued creative evolution.

Watch the official music video for “The More” here:

Listen to “The More” on Spotify:

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