Mehgan James of The Hollywood Groupchat podcast implied that Yung Joc is a one hit-wonder for his 2006 cut “It’s Goin’ Down.”

“How have you been able to sustain a 20-year career off of one hit?” she asked him.

“Well, I got more than one hit. I got hit records,” Joc responded.

“Tell me about ’em,” said James.

A lot of people came down on the podcast host for the interview and accused her of being shady. So, she apologized and said no harm was meant.


“First of all I wana apologize to @joclive , my intentions were not to disrespect you during my podcast interview , I was honestly interested in you journey & how you have been able to stay relevant through out the years,” wrote James on Instagram. “Thanks for taking time out of your day to show love to @thehollywoodgroupchat podcast !!”

Do you think James was trying to diss Joc or did she just word her question incorrectly?


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