Whether talking about his sexuality or forcing him to file for bankruptcy, 50 Cent has stayed on Young Buck’s neck since the Nashville rapper was ousted from G-Unit.

Buck spoke about his feud with 50 in an interview on Steve-O’s Wild Ride! podcast, and said he’s baffled as to why Fif has it out for him so badly. [Jump to the 40:45-mark]

“I don’t know what I did to dude to make him want to see me not feed my children,” said Buck.”But to do some of the things that he’s done in attempt to try to discredit my name, discredit me as a person, to damage my character out here and put out all these false narratives of different things in regards to certain craziness that I’ve went through.”

“It’s just like, you rich, my man. You still doing your thing. I love your TV show Power … Why are you doing this to me? Bruh, we was once brothers. I’ve always looked at you as big brother,” he continued. “Yes, I’ve made mistakes too but I’ve never done anything to try to take food out of your mouth or stop you from eating. To see how aggressive he is towards me makes me feel like, ‘Damn, are you trying to Ja Rule me, too?'”

a isn’t doing all that badly these days, considering he recently signed a record deal worth $100 million.

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