Xzibit thinks Hip Hop is a bad spot.

And he has a solution for how it can get right again.

“Hip Hop is huge. And it made so many people so much money, they think anybody can do it. Everyone feels that Hip Hop is so accessible that anybody can do it,” Xzibit told a panel discussion. “It’s become a mockery of itself. It’s become too accessible. There was a time that there was somebody that you had to go into their office and get an investment into your career. Now, if you just have a laptop and WiFi, you can be an artist … People do themselves a disservice by trying to participate in that.”

To fix Hip Hop, X believes there needs to be a union that can gatekeep the genre and fight to get ownership for the real ones.

“So until we own it, until we control it, until we have a say who gets to fuckin’ call themselves this and call themselves that — like everybody else — it’s gonna continue to spiral out of control. And that’s why we’re not on the Billboard, because nobody is in the pilot seat guiding us to where we supposed to go.”

Rap and Hip Hop have been struggling on the charts lately, while genres like pop, country, and country gain.

Do you think X’s solution would work?


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