Wack 100 doesn’t judge today’s generation of males for painting their nails like females.

He remembers when he was young and the OGs called him out for having sagging pants, which they interpreted as homosexual behavior. 

“When I grew up, n*ggas was sagging their pants. My parents and uncles was like, ‘What y’all doing with your ass out, n*gga? That’s gay.’ But it wasn’t gay, it was just some trendy sh*t we was doing,” Wack said.

So Wack just wants to understand why young rappers like Trippie Redd, Lil Uzi Vert, and NBA YoungBoy paint their nails.

“So now I’m coming to y’all. To to the youngsters out there, I’m hearing something about emo and all this other sh*t. Can y’all leave a comment down below on what the fingernail polish represent,” Wack requested.

Trippie answered his call for an explanation.

“It’s a way of expressing ur feelings,” Trippied typed. “Being true to your self and self care.”

What do you think?


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