Last month, Webbie posted a photo of himself that looked like he was offering himself up at a street corner.


Webbie was trying to pay tribute to Pimp C with the photo. But, as you can see, it went awry with a poor choice to reveal his stomach in the shot.

Boosie defended his long-time collaborator during his latest chat with Vlad, explaining Webbie messed up but he meant well.

[embedded content]

“Players f*ck up. Players f*ck up all the time. I was pissed.  Players *uck up. He was showing his tattoo bruh. I just was arguing with the n*gga at the store, I said man get the fuck on n*gga. Man get the f*ck on n*gga. Players f*ck up, they got my dog bad. He was showing his tattoo man. His bad.  Players f*ck up.  I don’t play that ho sh*t. Boosie Webbie ain’t known for no ho shit. We don’t play all that new generation sh*t.”

Boosie added that once the photo dropped he was getting so much crap about it that he had to turn off his phone.

“I had to turn my phone.  I was pissed off.  He just slipped.”


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