This UK Rap Duo Has A Song With MF DOOM And Jay Electronica

Sonnyjim and The Purist sit at a table with their arms crossed


“Barz Simpson,” which features MF DOOM and Jay Electronica, is the first single from UK-based duo White Girl Wasted, ahead of their upcoming September 6 self-titled debut.

White Girl Wasted, a new collaborative hip-hop duo based out of the UK, is coming out the gate with a heavy-hitting single featuring verses from Jay Electronica and the late MF DOOM. “Barz Simpson” arrives ahead of an upcoming self-titled debut album that will also feature Madlib and DJ Premiere. The eight-track project, White Girl Wasted, drops on September 6.

The duo is comprised of Sonnyjim, a Birmingham-based UK rapper who’s been doing steady work since his solo debut in 2006, and The Purist, a producer from Brighton, UK who has previously worked with emcees such as Freddie Gibbs and Action Bronson.

The idea for White Girl Wasted came about 4 years ago after the pair were inspired by a week at Outlook Festival. The festival celebrates sound system culture, a culture based around huge speakers, street parties, and production-emphasized bass-heavy music that started in Jamaica and spread throughout the Caribbean and beyond. After returning from the festival, The Purist laid out the beat for “Barz Simpson,” and Sonnyjim followed up with his verse in a single take.


The Simpsons' Bart Simpson wears the classic MF DOOM mask and writes in a notebook

Single artwork for “Barz Simpson” feat. MF DOOM & Jay Electronica


Agreeing that the track sounded fitting of the masked villain, with its lo-fi flute whistles and brass-tapping drum pattern, the duo sent DOOM the track and received twice as many bars as they asked for — all within a few days of the late rapper getting the song. “Barz Simpson” sounds exactly like it was recorded: natural, smooth, underground and unrolled in a single motion.

Even before adding the likes of DOOM and Electronica, Sonny’s verse seems pulled from an adjacent space. The rhymes are stacked up word after word. “Next week, I’m out in France yachting / Two grand in my back pocket, cop this on the black market,” he rhymes with patience and awareness of the effect of each syllable. DOOM’s verse graces the same loop with the same attitude, throaty bars, and hefty rhymes able to find a pocket anywhere and everywhere on Purist’s unstinting beat.

Closing out the track, Jay Electronica matches the energy of Sonny and DOOM with reference-laced couplets that focus on pairs of rhymes at a time. “Metamorph like a butterfly, pollinate like a bee / I represent for my nation like Muhammad Ali,” he raps, never far from a shoutout for the Nation of Islam.

Check out the full tracklist for White Girl Wasted and pre-save the album:

  1. “Paris Hilton”
  2. “Barz Simpson” feat. MF DOOM & Jay Electronica
  3. “Doc Elis” feat. DJ Premier
  4. “No Face No Case”
  5. “Does Mushrooms Once” feat. Madlib
  6. “Lemon 714”
  7. “999” feat Lee Scott & Mikaveli
  8. “Buy Cocaine Not Art”

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