The Lessondary has come together for a new beat tape titled POUNDS. The 14-track project features production from collective members Donwill, Von Pea, Jermiside, Elucid, Brickbeats, Che Grand and Aeon.

“Dropping a beat tape might feel like a bit of a departure for us, but we’ve all been producing for a while now and I wanted to put a spotlight on that aspect of our crew,” Donwill tells RealStreetRadio. “Von, Aeon and Brick as the production arm, but Che, Jermiside, Elucid and myself have all become formidable producers in our own right.”

He adds, “We’ve all got new releases coming very soon as well, so if you’re just tuning in, feel free to explore the existing catalogs while we finish prepping these upcoming 2020 releases.”

The Lessondary Collective Drops 'POUNDS' Beat Tape

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Check out The Lessondary’s POUNDS stream, cover art and tracklist below.

The Lessondary Collective Drops 'POUNDS' Beat Tape

1. Fliip (Elucid)
2. Wild Turkey (Jermiside)
3. Ol’ Saying (Che Grand)
4. Gone Love (Donwill)
5. Watch My Chain (Brickbeats)
6. Back To Me (Von Pea)
7. Over Labrador (Aeon)
8. Distant Star (Brickbeats)
9. Beef Wellington (Aeon)
10. DJ Black Cowboy (Elucid)
11. New Rasberry (Jermiside)
12. BAC Back (Donwill)
13. Jump Off A Cliff (Von Pea)
14. LikeDis (Che Grand)

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