The Alchemist and Prodigy worked closely together until the New York rapper died in 2017, so he’s seen him craft plenty of bars.

He also called P the G.O.A.T.

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“I’m going clean sweep, man,” said the talented producer on Complex’s GOAT Talk. “Prodigy, across the map. That’s my greatest rapper of all time. Broke rules. You know, Nas of course. It was always Nas or P. But I used to always tell Big Twin, we would talk about it, P used to break rules.”

Alchemist gave an example after that: P’s verse on Mobb Deep’s classic cut “Shook Ones, Part II.”

“Nothing rhymed,” he said about the verse. “The whole first four bars was not one word rhyming. He used to just come out of his face, broke rules, vocal tone, writing. His voice. Listen to a song like ‘Gun Love,’ a perfectly written song. Greatest rapper, I don’t wanna hear it.”

Where would you put Prodigy on the all-time greatest rappers list?


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