Glasses Malone says Drake isn’t Hip Hop because he isn’t from an urban environment.

In doing so, he compared Drizzy to Madonna and colonial power.

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“Why is it crazy that I’m telling you that Drake is Madonna, as a musician.  So if you’re not from street urban culture, you’re not a Hip Hop artist,” Malone said of Drake on the Holdin’ Court podcas.  “Drake is a middle class, that grew up in a middle-class community and Jewish community. He just literally does what Madonna does. He literally colonizes sounds and ideas. He’s not from the culture. Just because you’re Black, doesn’t mean you’re from the culture.”

When pressed on this POV, Malone doubled down on declaring you can’t be Hip Hop if you from the suburbs.  He then mentioned Eminem, arguing that Shady is Hip Hop despite his white skin because he grew up in a hardscrabble environment.

Do you agree with this?


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