Everyone is opening their Puff Daddy files in light of him settling his ex Cassie’s sexual abuse lawsuit.

In the suit, Cassie accused him of¬†blowing up Kid Cudi’s car when he heard she was dating the rapper, among other things.

According to Suge Knight, that wasn’t the only time he got violently jealous of Cudi.

The former Death Row boss said Puff beat the crap out of one of his assistants for messing with Cudi.  Interscope then paid her off, which kept Diddy out of jail.

Speaking of prison, Suge said he would welcome Puff as his cellmate despite their history.  [Jump to 22 minutes.]

[embedded content]

“Have your cook game working. ¬†I don’t want no head, but you gonna be cleaning toilets,” Suge said of what would happen in the unlikely event they became cellmates.

Suge also said that Diddy’s bisexuality is well known.


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