“Thug Love” arrives with an emotive music video and tens of thousands of plays in no time! A collaboration of three rising FTR Records-signed artists—Bai, 2051 Paper, and SG Blackboy Cal—“Thug Love” tells a story of romance revolving around the vulnerability of couples, and the insecure feelings and doubts that two people experience in a relationship. The St. Valentine’s Day track is here to stay, and so are these powerhouse artists that each add a special flavor to the overall production!

“When I’m stuck in my ways trippin’ out on you, you know what to say, you know what to do, a hundred different ways you’d be coming through,” Bai sings, leveraging her soft, beautiful voice to demonstrate her feelings. 2051 Paper and Blackboy Cal’s masterful rapping leaves no doubt of their talent, which will keep the crowds anticipating for new releases. In the meantime, cheek out “Thug Love” down below!

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