Spliff Star can easily be called one of the best hypemen to ever do it, as he always adds to Busta Rhymes‘ already turned up shows.

It’s not everyday that Spliff sits down for an interview, though, but he was a guest on a recent episode of Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion podcast. 

In one part of the discussion, Spliff said that smacking Busta led to their friendship.

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“He faked married this girl named Janice,” said Spliff. “I had a big ass crush on her and n*ggas ran up the block and was like, ‘Yo, yo, that n*gga Trev, he married your girl!’ He married what? Mind you, this n*gga tall, I’m short. I said: ‘Where he at?’ Buss was standing right there, I jumped up and smacked the sh*t outta him. Bow … Everybody was like, ‘Oh sh*t.’ I’m a lil n*gga, skinny n*gga, but that’s how we met. And then after that, we been hanging out with each other and all that, and turn into teenagers.”

On another note, where would you put Spliff Star on the all time greatest hypeman list?


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