Snoop Dogg has issued an ominous warning to Tekashi 6ix9ine after the polarizing rap figure threw several shots in his direction on Friday (May 15).

In a since-deleted Instagram video, the Doggfather instructs 6ix9ine to essentially keep his name out of his mouth.

“Last time you said something, I didn’t have time,” he says with a threatening tone. “But today, I got time. You better get the fuck off my line, nigga. Rat boy, you really better leave me alone. I ain’t the one. No way. Go on and do yo’ shit and get out my way, bitch. You funky dog-head, rainbow-head, dog-head bitch. Yeah, you. Better leave the Dogg alone. Go find you a cat. Tom and Jerry shit. Fuck with the Dogg, nothing nice, bitch. Rat boy.”

It didn’t take long for 6ix9ine to return fire. In the comment section, he claimed there was paperwork that proves Snoop was an informant.

“Still hasn’t even denied the paperwork,” he wrote. “lEavE mE AloNe ‘you’re blowing my cover.’”

Snoop then added, “I got time. The tail of rat. Coming soon from bitch9 I mean snitch9. I mean fuc it from CuZblood.”

6ix9ine replied, “This is only funny to the old heads. everybody over 50. Sill hasn’t even denied the paperwork. lEavE mE AloNe ‘you’re blowing my cover.’”

The back-and-forth started when 6ix9ine — who earned the nickname “Snitch9ine” while incarcerated — shared a video of himself eating some food and watching a Suge Knight documentary where the former Death Row CEO insinuates Snoop was once an informant.

The moment Knight says the word “rat,” 6ix9ine turns to the camera with a shocked look on his face.

6ix9ine then took another jab at Snoop shortly before the West Coast pioneer fired off his public service announcement. In a since-deleted Instagram post, the 24-year old rapper screenshot a Google search of Snoop’s age.

He wrote in the caption, “they got this wrong didn’t they?”

To put an end to any speculation, Snoop wrapped up his commentary by stating he never once ratted on Knight.

“Niggaz know I ain’t have nothing to do with suge knight getting time. we had the same lawyers. this [rat] reaching calling me a snitch and FYI. He most likely drew up the papers. he do work with the [cops]. Suge and me on great terms now so if I told on him we would never be cool and that’s a fact [clown]. now carry on and stay tuned for the tattle tales movie and Record lil bitch. @6ix9ineofficial I got time.”

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